The Parties

Тhe general terms of condition regulating the relation between "Navitaymer Ltd., BULSTAT BG175144040 ,addressSofia, Tsar Simeon str. №86, called PROVIDER and clients called USERS of the platform for online called

Data for the Porvider

Information according the Electronic Comerce Law and Consumer Protection Act

Name of the provider "Navitaymer" LTD

Address:Bulgaria, Sofia, "Tsar Simeon" str. №86
addressand address for complains Bulgaria, Sofia, "Positano" str. №7
Mailing address Bulgaria, Sofia, "Pozitano" str. №7, e-mail:, tel. +359 888 25 13 90

Commission for personal data protection
Address: Sofia, "prof. Tsvetan Lazarov " str. № 2
Tel .: (02) 940 20 46
x: (02) 940 36 40
Emaіl: kzld@gоvеrnmе, kzld@срdр.bg

Commision for
Consumer Protection
dress: 1000 Sofia Square. "Slaveikov" №4A, et.3, 4 and 6,
Tel .: 02/980 25 24
x: 02/988 42 18
hot line: 0700 111 22

of the platform is platfopma for electronic trading, available forInternetas,wchich gives the User the wright to buy and receive the goods offered by the supplier including the flowing
To review the goods, its characteristics , prices,terms and conditions of delivery;
То make contracts with the Provider for sale/receive of the goods present in the platform;
To make any type of payments according to the Provides methods of payment.
To receive information for new goods,offered by the Provider in the platform;
To be informed for the rules incoming form the law;
To use their rights of refusal, according to the Consumer Protection Act

The Provider in the platform have to organize the shipping of the goods and guarantee the rights,according to the law

Under concluded with the consumer contract of sale of goods in the platform www.jacques-lemans.bgthe provider is obliged to organize the delivery and transfer of ownership to the user of his appointed by the interface platform products.Users have the right to correct errors when entering information not later than making a statement to conclude the contract with the provider platform

User is obliged to pay to the supplier of the platform or the respective provider platform remuneration for goods supplied under the conditions specified in the platform and these general conditions. Remuneration is amount to the price announced in the platformТhrough the platform is selected the person who will deliver the selected by the users goods in time under the conditions defined in the platform and the general conditions

The user, provider and all other providers agree that all statements between them in connection with the conclusion and execution of the contract of sale could be carried out electronically via electronic statements within the meaning of the law for Electronic commerce.

Conditions under the Electronic Commerce Act

The order made by the Client and accepted by "Navitaymer" Ltd. through an online platform is a contract of sale from a distance. This contract is based on a proposal made by us, by the aforementioned electronic store and its acceptance by the Client (User) by clicking on the "Buy" button and filling in the required information for identification, contact and delivery. The contract is concluded after pressing the confirmation of the order and receive E-mail from with order data and confirmation of the success and acceptance.

Content of contract
The providers of the platform and users enter into separate contracts for the sale of goods ordered by consumers regardless of their chosen one electronic statement and a list of goods for purchase. The platform provider can organize together and at once the delivery of the individual contracts for sale of goods.The delivery of ordered goods is done by the chosen platform provider of the product for which the user will be notified at the time of delivery.

Users' rights in relation to the goods supplied are separately for each purchase contract
of goods. The rights in connection with the delivered goods does not affect the contracts for the sale of other goods.The user within the meaning of the law on consumer protection rights could cancel a purchase of a product which does not affect contracts of sale of other goods delivered to the consumer.

The user is obliged under the rights of the contract to state clearly and unambiguously contract and the goods according to this rights.

The user can pay the price
for each individual contract of sale by the time of purchase the goods or as soon as he receives it.

Price and time of delivery. RETURN AND EXCHANGE OF GOODS

Payment for orders made online in the online store Jacques Lemans is done:

Cash upon receipt of the shipment by courier;
Credit/Debit card – Visa,Mastercard,Maestro
Bank transfer


Cost of delivery is at the expense of the
The delivery is done by Econt, Interlogistica, usually within one business day. If you have a preference for another courier company, the User is obliged to contact the Provider to set out the details of delivery.
All products confirmed as available and ordered to
4 pm on the day are delivered within the next working day.
The products ordered through our site on Friday to
4 pm with two delivery options - Saturday (possible increase in the cost of delivery) or within the next working day (Monday or another according to the availability of public holidays).
Orders placed after
4 pm running within the next two working days.
Orders made on Friday after
4 pm are delivered within the next three working days (Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week)
For official weekends and holidays, according to the valid delivery schedules
of the courier companies.
Each user of reserves the right to apply different conditions of delivery in case of need.

the goods before payment
The provider offers the possibility upon receipt of the goods by
the courier the User to open it in front of him to examine it within 15 minutes before paying the product. In case that the product does not meet the expectations of the customer or a defect, the customer reserves the right to return the courier or replace it with new, cost of return shipping shall be borne by the User.


Transport costs on the returned order shall be borne by the User. After receiving the shipment will contact you to confirm receipt, and that the product is preserved in a form that enables to accept it back.
The money from returned goods will transfer to Your bank account or postal money order in 15 days
after receive.In case the payment is made by bank card, refunds will be made by order of the inverse operation on the card within 15 days.


After receiving the shipment and make sure it is preserved presentation of the goods, we will send to you the new consignment.
The exchange is recommended for a product at the same or higher value than originally purchased.


The delivery is done by courier company Econt, Interlogistica, usually within one business day to the account of the user.
User agrees that all required by
law of protection the user information can be provided through the platform interface or e-mail.
User agrees that platform providers are entitled to receive an advance payment concluded with consumer contracts of sale and their delivery.

RETURN AND EXCHANGE follows international standards on return and the refusal of an order established by the European Consumer Centre and the Commission for Consumer Protection in Bulgaria. Every customer can return its order, according to our "Policy for return and replacement" of goods.

Each order placed
in the online shop can be replaced or refunded within 14 days from the date of receiving it form the courier by the following conditions and steps:


User is obliged to contact the supplier
and to discuss the most user-friendly method to return the purchased items
After receiving the shipment and ensure that it is preserved, the Contractor is obliged to send to the User new shipment
with the needed product;
The cost of courier services in both directions at the exchange
are at the expense of the User.


Using our feedback form in the Contacts page, you
should describe that you want to return an item (or all items) of the order by completing the mandatory:
Order number (can be found in the email order confirmation or in the user profile)
Reason for returning the goods;
Indicate that you want full refund on our part;
Transport costs (courier fees) shall be borne by the User. Once the supplier receives the shipment,
will contact the user to confirm receipt, and that the product is preserved in a form that enables to be accepted back.

Important! If
you decide to return the shipment after review and test the shipping will be at your expense.


After receiving back the return goods which the Contractor shall reimburse the amount in the following period:
The money from returned goods will transfer to Your bank account or postal money order in 15 days
after receive.
In case the payment is made by bank card, refunds will be made by order of the inverse operation on the card within 15 days.


In exchange or return of goods purchased from the online store Jacques Lemans must comply with the following requirements:
Goods is not impaired comprehensive package;
Goods is not scratched or damaged in any way whatsoever;
Goods is NOT been worn;
Goods is NOT pollution;
Goods is NOT missing parts.
Jacques Lemans reserves the right to refuse accepting the return goods to the customer without notice, if it does not meet the above requirements.


All items shown in the online shop are with their real photos. However, different monitors display colors differently, so there may be color discrepancy between the goods received and displayed on the website.
It is desirable that when the return for replacement or
canceled goods should be packed closest to the way you've been sent by us. So chances of being damaged during transportation decreased significantly.

Special provisions concerning the replacement and return of goods

All goods that are being replaced or returned to, must be preserved in excellent presentation with original packaging and all their associated labels, accessories and related papers. In case that some of the above attributes are damaged or missing reserves the right to return the goods to the buyer without notice.


User voluntarily provides their personal data when registering in the online store. According to the Law on protection of personal data, the user has the right to access and correct their personal data and to require to close the corresponding user profile.

Provided by the user personal data is used only for the purpose of service t
he orders, as well as their correct processing and delivery.

Your personal data will be used for purposes other than those described above or provided in any way to third parties.


"Navitaymer" Ltd. reserves the right at any time and without prior notice to make changes to the online materials, prices and services. Some of the information disclosed in the online shop
www.jacques-lemans.bgmight be out of stock at the time of your purchase.

In case there would be any change in terms of content, value, terms and conditions for delivery the user will be informed via a phone call or
e-mail and the order will not be sent if not get personal agreement form the User.


User shall indemnify and discharge the suppliers of the platform as well as any other claims of third parties (whether they are justified or not) for any damage and expenses (including attorneys' fees and costs) arising from or in the breach of any of its obligations under this contract, breach of our copyright and other intellectual or industrial property, unlawful transfer of other people's rights, provided to the user to the terms and conditions of the contract and misreporting presence or absence of quality within the meaning of the law on consumer protection.

The platform provider is not responsible in the event of accidental events, problems in the Internet, technical or other objective reasons, including orders of the competent authorities.
The platform provider is not responsible for damages caused by the user of third parties.

The platform provider www.jacques-lemans.bgand his chosen distributors are not responsible for material or immaterial damages, resulting in lost profits or damages caused by the user in the process of use or non-use
The platform provider is not responsible for the time during which the platform www.jacques-lemans.bgwas not available due to technical reasons.

The platform is not responsible in case of overcoming the security of the technical equipment and this will cost loss of information, dissemination of information, access to information, restricting access to information and other similar effects.
The provider of the platform is not responsible in case thatthe contract of sale, providing access to information, loss or alteration of data due to false legitimation of a third person who is presenting for the user.


Based on Bulgarian legislation, each customer as a consumer within the meaning of
the lawhas the right within 14 / fourteen / days of receipt of the item ordered, without paying any compensation or penalty and without the need to specify a particular reason to terminate the contract by returning the goods purchased under the following conditions:

The user is required in writing form to inform "Navitaymer" Ltd. using email address or contact form pointing to the correct method to return the purchase value of the goods and the corresponding bank account to be transferred to the amount paid for the item.

The user is obliged to return the purchased item with adjacent additional attributes, namely: warranty card, original box, certificates and other papers accompanying the product.

The user is obliged to return the purchased item in excellent condition (in the form that is provided for sale) and in its original packaging. The product and the accompanying additional items should not be damiaged : not missing packaging, documentation, any visible scratches on the surface of the product, not missing licensing stickers as well as components of the product.

The provider of the platform www.jacques-lemans.bgreserves the right without being obliged to give notice and without paying indemnity to terminate the contract if it finds that the user uses the platform in breach of these terms and conditions, the legislation of Republic of Bulgaria, the accepted moral standards or practices in sale and electron trade.


The items shown in the online shop are with their real photos. However, there may be color discrepancy between the goods received and displayed on the website.

It is desirable that when you return or replace goods must be packed closest to the way you've been sent by us. So chances of being damaged during transport decreased significantly.

All information published in the electronic shop is owned by "Navitaymer" Ltd. or its partners, offering products in the store, including images and descriptions of the items under the law for copyrights and related rights.

It is forbidden copying of text from the e-shop and putting them in other web sites and online stores, without the permissionof "Navitaymer" Ltd. or our respective partners.

For all outstanding issues hereof between
the online shop of "Navitaymer" Ltd. and the Client (registered user), the provisions of the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.

All prices listed on the site are in
BGN including VAT.